Larissa Carneiro


My dissertation, which is entitled “Divine Technology: How God Created Dinosaurs and People,” examines the role of science and technology in the interpretation of the Bible’s Creation account among very conservative Christians. I understand media technology in a broad sense, which includes not only systems for mass communication, but also artifacts, things, spaces, modes of display, and technologies for different purposes, such as visualization and measurement.


My focus on the fundamentalist reading of the book of Genesis scrutinizes the technological and material rhetorical tools used by creationists to transform this ancient narrative into a scientific account. As a researcher who has studied the relationship among religion, science, and technologies, I noted a gap in the scholarship on Creationism. No one seems to have examined the role that the combination of scientific and technological progress has played in the construction of Creationism as what its proponents consider a scientific field. Therefore, my project is a study of how technical and material rhetorical strategies translate the Bible into credible, scientific proof for conservative Protestant beliefs.